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What Paralegals Should Know About Process Servers

Are you on your way to working on your first-ever lawsuit case?

A paralegal might be tasked with performing research, drafting and filing documents, and communicating with clients. However, there’s one crucial task that you must prepare for before delving into the lawsuit proceedings.

Working with a process server is one of the requirements of a lawsuit. Here’s all that you need to know about working with process servers to initiate a lawsuit process.

It’s all about the Right Communication

Process servers and paralegals should be open to communication.

Paralegals should try to hire process servers who can ask the right questions and report their activities to a law firm. Process servers should be briefed about the defendant, their personal information, and their behavior patterns.

This information simplifies the process for the process servers and helps them prepare for the job that lies ahead. Concerns from their end ensure two-way communication and help law firms serve a legal notice without fail.

Know their Service Areas

What kind of services are being offered?

Will you be able to avail multiple services at a process server service firm?


You should ask questions like these before hiring a process server. Knowing the process servers’ service areas, their work hours, and the number of attempts they make ensures that you’re getting the right services at the right place.

Perform a Little Background Check

Since paralegals are often working with confidential and personal information, it’s crucial that they hire a reliable process server for the job.

Paralegals can work with peers and inquire about the credentials of a process server firm.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they certified or registered to do the job? What does their State require?
  • What do other paralegals have to say about their service and their work ethic?

Having an answer to these questions can help determine the credibility and reliability of a process server firm.

Evaluate the Cost before Hiring a Process Server

Before you say yes to the process server, get a quote for their services.

Looking at their services, reviews and recommendations, and their service charges will help you evaluate their services. A standard service should cost less, and as you inch toward availing the rush or priority service, charges are bound to get higher.

We suggest that you look into the process server’s reviews to ensure that the firm isn’t overcharging you and providing you with premium quality services.

If you’re on the lookout for accomplished process servers, then your search ends right here!

Swift Process Servers, LLC is a full-service process server firm based in Michigan. We are a team of experienced professionals who have over 20 years of experience delivering legal documents. We operate in over seven counties, provide standard, rush, and priority services, and ensure that your litigation process moves at a swift pace.

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