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What Paralegals Should Know About Process Servers

Are you on your way to working on your first-ever lawsuit case? A paralegal might be tasked with performing research, drafting and filing documents, and communicating with clients. However, there’s one crucial task that you must prepare for before delving into the lawsuit proceedings. Working with a process server is one of the requirements of a […]

Process Server vs Sheriff

SERVICE OF PROCESS IN MICHIGAN; SHERIFF VS PRIVATE PROCESS SERVER Tоdау we livе in the wоrld whiсh is mоving fоrwаrd and invоlvе аgrееmеnt аnd соnѕidеrаtiоn аlmоѕt еvеrуwhеrе whеrе one раrtу feels thаt thе оthеr раrtу iѕ nоt functioning ассоrding to thеir аgrееmеnt. Process ѕеrvеr is a term whiсh is nоt usually undеrѕtооd by a common […]

Federal RICO lawsuit alleges sheriff traded police favors for cash

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ENESEE COUNTY, MI — A federal RICO lawsuit alleges Sheriff Robert Pickell received payments in exchange for deputizing residents who he believe would advanced his political power. The lawsuit filed Wednesday, Jan. 25, in Detroit U.S. District Court by attorney Scott Batey alleges Pickell deputized people for $65-$300 a year, which allowed them to act […]

Michigan State Regulated Fees

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PROCESS SERVICE FEES Effective: March 28, 2013 MCL Description Fee1 600.2559(1)(a) Personal service of a summons and complaint in a civil action, $23.00 along with supporting documents, for each defendant.2 600.2559(1)(b) Personal service of an affidavit of account and statement,. $23.00 for each defendant.2 600.2559(1)(c) A request and writ of garnishment for each garnishee and […]

New Website

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Great Lakes Process Servers is excited to launch our new website at www.michigan-process-servers.com, Brian with Custom Web Concepts has designed our new website with our clients in mind. Clients can log into our site 24/7 to check the status of their cases. Our Michigan Process Servers update their cases while on the road, so our […]

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