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$ 68
  • Routine Residential is 4 attempts over 10-14 days, first attempt within 72 hours or less in most cases. 4 Attempts made at one address unless the address is confirmed to be a bad address. Attempts do not transfer to a new address. Like most servers, and sheriffs, we charge per address.
  • Corporate and Agent Routine is completed within 72 business hours guaranteed providing the business is open and someone is available on our initial attempt.


$ 48
  • Rush Upgrade Fee Residential-25.00 plus the routine fee. 4 Attempts over 7 days total, first attempt within 48 hours guaranteed.
  • Priority Upgrade Fee Residential 50.00 plus the routine fee. 4 Attempts over 72 hours. First attempt same day depending on time of receipt. Within 24 hours guaranteed.
  • If you have a rush or priority corporate assignment, please contact us via email or live chat. We try not to charge additional for these as these are not complex serves. It just depends on our current schedule and case load/plans for the day etc.


$ 40
  • Oakland, Wayne (We are not offering residential service in these counties currently) We do plan to add residential again in the future. For now, we offer low-cost corporate routine service only 2 days per week so we can keep within our guaranteed 72 business hour turn. Typically Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Court Filings Eaton, Ingham, Livingston, Washtenaw Quoted on a case by case basis based on whether we are picking them up etc, and what is done after filing. Feel free to email or use our live chat for a custom quote.


$ 34
  • Skip Trace/Locate Defendant These assignments are quoted on a case by case basis. Please email or use our live chat for a custom quote. Each case is different. Some folks are easier to find than others. We use law enforcement grade systems and postal verifications to locate people.
  • Skip trace/Locates are only provided to those with an open case in a Michigan Court. We skip trace to locate defendants and or witnesses on legal matters. Skip trace service is not provided to the public. We provide this service to corporations, professional offices, or law firms only.
  • PPO or any document relating to PPO- We do not handle PPO matters at all anymore. Please contact the sheriff’s office in the county you need PPO service.

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