Professionals wanted!!!

Thank you for your interest in working for Relentless Court Services, Inc. Process Serving is a vital attribute to the legal industry. A process server serves various types of court documents to a defendant on behalf of the plaintiff and/or the plaintiff’s attorney. Some examples of the various court documents are: Summons & Complaint, Small Claims Affidavits, Subpoenas, Garnishments, Divorce Citations, and/or Personal Protection Orders. Process Servers are not arresting officers, bounty hunters, or individuals who may administer legal advice. However, process serving does require a certain type of investigative work, and intuition. Process servers must be outgoing, responsible, able to handle stressful situations with ease, and able to think outside of the box.

To be a process server for Relentless Court Services, Inc., means to be an independent contractor. Thus, any income you receive from Relentless Court Services, Inc., will not have any withholdings, and it becomes solely your responsibility to report that income to the IRS once you are supplied with a 1099. Relentless Court Services, Inc., is not responsible for any expenses that may be incurred by you in order to fulfill the tasks you are assigned. And, Relentless Court Services, Inc., will not be held contractually liable to you in any means.

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